Learn Wire Jewelry

Learn Wire Jewelry
Learn Wire JewelryLearn Wire Art Jewelry
Thank you to all the students that participated in the first class. It was amazing to see how you took what I showed you and immediately starting creating your own styles and designs!

Happy Creating!!

I am offering several levels of classes to teach the elegant and unique style of wire art jewelry and mobiles that I have developed over the last 27 years. Whether you are interested in a new full or part-time career or just want to make beautiful jewelry and crystal mobiles for yourself and your friends, these classes will give you the skills to achieve your goals. Click on this link to see my Spiritual Jewelry and Feng Shui Crystal Mobiles. Please contact me if you have any questions.
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Introduction to Wire Art

This class is being designed as a 3 hour community college introduction class into the art of twisting wire. This class will focus on a few of the mobile designs which will give the student the necessary skills for creating the demonstrated designs as well as developing their own designs. This class will also set the foundation for those wishing to continue on to the basic jewelry making class. As classes get scheduled they will be posted here.

Wire Art Jewelry and Mobiles - Level 1: The Basics

This is a weekend class designed to give the student the basic skills for creating wire art jewelry and mobiles. We will start with a few hours dedicated to the basic mobile designs. Then we will move on to a couple of the simple earring designs. You will learn how to make a pair of earwires from scratch and you will learn how to make square and round spirals. Between the mobiles and the earrings you will now be ready for two of the simple single stone pendant designs. I will show you the "wire sandwich" design which works well for stones with a beveled edge and the "prong style" design which works well for stones with uneven surfaces or thicker stones with flat edges. All of the jewelry pieces I make use one of these two designs. You will also learn my unique loop design, which is the most secure and finished looking that I have seen in wire jewelry. The proper use of a buffing wheel to put a fine finish and polish on your jewelry pieces will also be covered in the class. You will have the opportunity to create several jewelry pieces and crystal mobiles over the weekend. No experience is necessary for this beginner level class.

The next class will be scheduled soon. Upon registration you will be sent a list of tools/materials you will need for the class. Expect to spend an additional $100-$200 on these depending on the materials you choose to work with. Learning how to source your own tools and materials is part of the class so putting together all that you will need will actually be your first lesson. If you need, I am also available to purchase your tools and materials for you.

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Next class to be scheduled soon.

Wire Art Jewelry and Mobiles - Level 2: Advanced Techniques

This is a weekend class designed for those who have mastered the basics and are ready to move on to more intricate designs. We will start by learning the techniques required for the more intricate mobile designs, giving you the skills to create intricate designs of your own. We will then cover how to create multiple stone jewelry pieces, including how to set small faceted stones. This is something I am not aware of any other wire artist doing. I developed this skill on my own and am now ready to share it with you. We will cover advanced buffing wheel techniques, specifically how to polish your work along the way as you build it, allowing a fine finish to occur in all of the crevices. Prerequisite for this class is the level 1 class and enough practice to have a firm grasp on the basic skills.

Wire Art Jewelry and Mobiles - Level 3: Mastery

This is a weekend class designed for those who are ready to take their skills to a master level. We will address the skills needed for the most elaborate of the mobile designs and then move on to the most elaborate jewelry designs. We will cover designs using multiple faceted stones as well as cover the tiara design I have developed, using up to 5 stones in the band. Once you have mastered these skills, I look forward to seeing what you can go on to create. Prerequisites for this class are levels 1 and 2 and lots of practice.

Learn Wire JewelryLearn Wire Art Jewelry